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 Chat rules

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PostSubject: Chat rules   Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:42 am

These are the chat rules (often updated, have a look regulary)

1.) be nice, not mean or rude
2.) do not fear the mods, they won't do anything if you follow the rules, but if you don't they might take action.
3.) do not advertise
4.) do not ask things like "Who wants to join my forum?", "Wanna link to my forum?" and all other things liek this. cuz the only place you may do this is the advertise board, or your signature.
5.) Do not think your the boss ans the best ~ even if you are mod or admin, else it comes like your only interesed in yourself.
6.) Only speak english, this is an english site.
7.) If other users say they are a chat mod, and they don't have a @ sign before their name on the chat, they aren't, then just pm a mod about it, cause he/ she will handle it, cause that person isn't a chatmod then.
8.) anything you think is good to add? tell a admin by PM!
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Chat rules
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